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AXIS Flight School Competition Teams

AXIS Flight School organizes, co-sponsors,
and trains competition teams.

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Team Arizona X-Force

Arizona X-Force is Skydive Arizona's drop zone sponsored 4-way VFS Open team. It is comprised of five highly experienced skydivers and tunnel flyers who bring enthusiasm and diversity to Skydive Arizona. They are active in the skydiving community as full-time instructors, coaches, and load organizers.

⇒ Team X-Force website



MFS 2-Way Open Team AXIS, Current Line-up


Team AXIS is AXIS Flight Schools 2-way MFS Open team. It is comprised of the co-owners of AXIS Flight School, Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel. In 2017 the position of videographer was filled by Keith Fournier.

⇒ Team AXIS website

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